Question: is science fun? what is your favourite invention?

  1. @amberhassett YES!!!! IT’S AMAZING FUN!!!!

    The invention that I’ve been lucky to see unfold and have a major impact it the internet. OMG. It still freaks me out a bit that it only appeared in the world when I was at the end of high school. My school was considered a bit fancy for having two (2!!) computers for 1200 kids when I was in Year 7. By Year 12 we had two computer lab classrooms and the internet was starting to be a ‘thing’. It blows my mind to think of where we’ll go in the next 20 years with this technology.

    My favourite scientific discoveries (rather than inventions) have to be the development of the theory of evolution and then, in turn, our understanding that’s growing every day about genetics. It’s amazing how much we still have to learn. What would you like to see discovered next?


  2. Science is fun but also exciting. Favourite invention is a tough one considering science has brought us so many but mine is probably the iPad.


  3. Doing science is a lot of hard work, but it is also great fun. When I am working on a project I like, I am almost never bored.
    One invention that is important to my field of astronomy is called a “spectrograph”. It is a piece of equipment we put in our telescopes that lets us see all the different colors of light that come from a star or galaxy. By looking at what colors are present and what colors are absent, we can tell what chemicals are in the star, we can tell how fast the star is moving, how far away it is, and all sorts of information like that. Most of what people see of astronomy are the “pretty pictures”, but there is a lot of science that we can do even when we use a spectrograph and don’t take a normal picture at all!


  4. @amberhassett – yes, there are so many different things you get to try.
    I have learned about sonar (how ships and submarines find things under the sea using sound), radar, metal detectors, and satellites.
    I once worked on a really neat sensor that was able to measure the amount of water in the soil outside of a waterproof tube by measuring how much it changed the frequency of a little radio transmitter inside the tube.
    I guess the computer has to be one of my favourites; they keep me in a job, but also help us to understand how our own brains are different to computers, and are important to so many things in medicine like ultra-sounds and MRI machines.


  5. Science is great. Sometimes you have to be patient but its always a great experience.

    My favourite invention is the wheel. Because riding a bike with square tires would just be too strange 🙂