Question: do you believe in star signs?

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  1. I do not. The study of the laws of physics as they relate to stars and planets (astronomy) originally started because people wanted to figure out how the stars and planets might affect life on earth (astrology). But the more we studied the stars, the better we understood how they actually work, and we learned that there is no hidden force from the planets or stars acting on us that can determine our future or influence our present. However, though most people dismiss such things as “superstition” now, modern astronomy would never have started if people didn’t have these different ideas in the first place! For that matter, all of the constellations (the “star signs”) are still useful as a map of the heavens, even if they don’t mean anything beyond that.



  1. sorry but no


  2. @blue11fudge Your star sign depends on when you were born and that of course affects the weather when your mother was pregnant with you; in older times, this would affect how well she was able to eat (nowadays, with supermarkets and air-conditioners, it does not have much effect) and that would affect the wellbeing of the child. So perhaps you can see how that sort of belief might come about.


  3. thanks for answering my question