Question: Which is the most disused programming laguage today?

  1. There are thousands of programming languages, and that is just counting what we call “high-level” languages. It is also possible to program a computer in its own native language (we call it assembler language, and it is rather tedious, but fun).
    Lots of really old languages are still used, FORTRAN, COBOL, Algol and C are ones that I know of.
    There was a language some time around 1960 called BPCL; a revised version of it was named B, a revised version of that was named C, and a much extended version of that was named C++. Both C and C++ are still much used today, but not many people will have heard of BPCL.
    There are also weird languages that people have created for fun. There is one called “false” which is really simple but hard to make do anything useful; you can look it up on Wikipedia
    by googling “computer language false”



  1. Thanks! I really find computer programming interesting… I never worked out how to do it though.