Question: Do you feel that as scientist you are rewarded enough for your dedicated to this earth?

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  1. Part of our reward is job satisfaction, which means we love doing this stuff and are rewarded simply by doing it, at least to some extent. We’d all like to win a Nobel Prize but are more likely to win an Ig Nobel Prize. They reward scientists for discovering random, unusual things.


  2. @zacisamazing: Interesting question. I guess it depends on how you define ‘rewarded’. In terms of pay, recognition and satisfaction (which is what I think of as reward) I think we do OK, but it could be better.

    My area of science is always struggling to find money to do the research that we do. It’s hard because a lot of funding for science is categorised into ‘types of science’ and my area of science doesn’t necessarily ‘fit’ well into those categories – it covers a little bit of a few of them, instead of sitting soundly in one spot.

    I think science and it’s importance and occurrence in every life is underestimated by a lot of people. I don’t think we want cheer squads, but there’s a lot of hard scientist work that goes into so many daily things like energy, medicine, transport, buildings, athletic performance, animal production, etc. etc. the list could go on forever! Science is everywhere!


  3. In terms of my specific job, I am happy with what I do, and sometimes I am surprised at how much people are willing to give me to do it! In fact, I have a friend who is a professional astronomer and an amateur musician who wrote a song titled, “They Pay Me for This?”
    In general, though, I think a lot of people respect scientists, but sometimes they don’t actually want to apply what scientists have learned to their lives, and sometimes people just want to ignore facts that conflict with their worldview. I would rather that people respected what science can do and how it does it, than respect or reward me specifically. Learning science works and how scientists do their job — like you are doing! — is a great way to get a better understand the ways that science can contribute to our society, and what ways it relies on other areas of knowledge or human interaction (like ethics, or politics, or…).


  4. The real reward is definitely in having an interesting and satisfying job. But most scientists are quite well paid as well – perhaps not as much as top lawyers or company executives, but certainly well enough to live on.


  5. @zacisamazing. Ha! great name. 2 things…

    1st. I dont think the work I do is really for the Earth. It’s more about the people who live on it and how they choose to live with eachother.

    2nd. I don’t care about reward. My life would become too hard if I tried to think of working for reward or winning in any particular thing. My reward for what I do is that I’m happy and healthy.