Question: Do you think there will ever be a zombie apocalypse?

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  1. @thepaleone: I don’t, but here’s 5 ways science could explain something ‘like’ a zombie apocalypse happening:

    1. Brain parasites (something like a little worm growing in your brain could definitely change your personality and make you go craaaaazy)

    2. Neurotoxins (like from the Japanese blowfish) that leave you in a trance-like state with slower than usual body functions

    3. Infectious virus-disease that spreads and results in brain impairment/violence/lack of coordination

    4. Neurogenesis (regrowing dead brain tissue in a comatose person) that doesn’t quite work out

    5. Nanobots (tiny robots that can go inside your body and program it to react a certain way)

    Sleep well now 😉
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  2. Unlikely, unless it’s on a small scale in a village or camp somewhere based on a few of Mia’s examples.



  1. zOMG! Just found this on YouTube and wanted to share: