Question: how did you go at school???

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  1. Rather average because I wasn’t always trying. I wasn’t thinking about my future and what good grades would mean. If I knew then what I know now, I would have tried to get the best grades possible. Not that it has held me back, just meant I had to go about things a bit differently to get to uni. That’s where I really blitzed it!


  2. I did pretty well – usually got marks between 80-90%. I worked hard, but often left things til the last minute (I’m very good at getting distracted or putting things off), so I probably could have done better. I enjoyed school, was lucky to have great teachers who loved their subjects. That helps.

    I talked to much in class, was a bit cheeky to my teachers sometimes and OMG, the number of notes I passed… Might be responsible for a few hundred trees.


  3. I did really well up through high scchool, but uni was a lot more challenging. I didn’t learn physics or maths nearly as well as I should have (partly because I was also studying Greek and Roman history and literature at the same time), and that really caused problems once I got to postgraduate school. In fact, I had to retake several different classes, and I didn’t pass my PhD qualifying exams until my third try!


  4. My first school, walked part of the way (around 1 – 2 Km) and then had a ride for the rest of the way. My second school, walked (about 2Km).
    I stated walking to my third school (which was in the city – the others were in the Adelaide hills) but then learnt to ride a bike, so it was bicycle from there on.


  5. Ha, funny @Peter.

    At school I think I was a mix of everyone else. I was very similar to @Mia doing pretty good but leaving everything to the last minute (I just thought thats what was supposed to happen :)) I really enjoyed chemistry because I had wonderful teachers that let us have cake in the lab (probably illegal now :S)
    I found maths difficult but struggled through to I could do better at physics.

    I always loved PE, sports and outdoor education classes. Perhaps thats why I ended up doing science in the army.

    I found many of my friends who didn’t do well at school became really good at university once they started doing something they loved. Once you find that, you’ll never have a problem studying or working long hours again.



  1. Thanks guys 🙂