Question: is it possible to create zombies

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  1. Theoretically it’s a yes but it happening for real is another thing.


  2. @hobbs314: Here’s 5 ways science could explain something ‘like’ a zombie apocalypse happening:

    1. Brain parasites (something like a little worm growing in your brain could definitely change your personality and make you go craaaaazy)

    2. Neurotoxins (like from the Japanese blowfish) that leave you in a trance-like state with slower than usual body functions

    3. Infectious virus-disease that spreads and results in brain impairment/violence/lack of coordination

    4. Neurogenesis (regrowing dead brain tissue in a comatose person) that doesn’t quite work out

    5. Nanobots (tiny robots that can go inside your body and program it to react a certain way)

    Sleep well now 😉


  3. Ha! Great question, I love zombies and stories about them.
    Stories of zombies have been around for a long time and they’ve come from many different cultures.

    The best explanation I’ve heard about where zombies comes from Haiti where people could be given 2 special poisons which put you in a death like state and then removed your freewill allowing the person who gave you the poisons to control you.

    So, yes 🙂 I’d believe its possible to do temporarily, but would you suddenly put your arms up and start searching for brains to eat… maybe not.


  4. I think zombies like those in the movies (reanimated corpses) are not going to happen. But there are plenty of creatures in the animal kingdom that live as parasites off of other creatures, and sometimes they can get their hosts to do crazy things they would not normally do! For example, toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that spreads when it is consumed by cats and then excreted in their poop. So how do they manage to get eaten by cats?
    Well, the organisms actually live in mice as well, and we believe they alter the brains of mice somehow so that they are no longer afraid of the sight or smell of cats! While not exactly causing zombie-like behaviour in mice, they certainly do exert at least some influence, or “mind control” if you want to call it that.



  1. zOMG! Just found this on YouTube and wanted to share: