Question: Is there anything you want to invent one day?

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  1. We basically invent things all the time in a way. I’ve invented ways to make molecules in the lab, for example, which is something I wanted to do. This is not as earth-shattering as the invention of, say, wi-fi, but if I could invent something that helps the grape and wine industry I’d be happy.


  2. @laravdw: The kind of work I do informs practices – so I contribute to inventing better ways of doing things.

    One thing I’d really like to help improve it the efficiency of working dog programs. At the moment, 50-70% of dogs bred to be farm, police, guide and racing dogs don’t end up passing or being ‘operational’. This is pretty inefficient. The welfare of dogs is linked to how well they perform. If we can improve the welfare of the dogs, more will be able to pass and maybe there won’t be so much ‘wastage’.


  3. I think DJ has it right – we are all inventors in small ways every day – even you!. Practically every sentence we say has been invented from scratch and noone else has ever said exactly that.
    But you are thinking about bigger things. Yes, in my current job I am always trying to invent new and better ways of doing things – and I guess we all are.