Question: Why do people have different size feet even though they might be the same age?

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  1. @berries45: There’s a really good chance that two people who are the same age with different sized feet might be different heights; or grow to different adult heights; or come from parents with different sized feet; or just be growing at different paces (some people have their growth spurts earlier than others). I think as an adult your height is generally 6.5 x the length of your foot (that’s from memory, so might be a bit off!).

    I have pretty long feet! I’m a size 9.5-10. I’m also fairly tall (178cm). I have a friend who is the same age as me who is shorter with the same shoe size and another friend who is as tall as me who has a smaller foot.

    We’re all different. And that’s OK.
    It would be boring if we were all the same!