Question: Dear Mick I have to questions first one is why did you choose explosives and what dose TNT stand for?

  1. Thanks for the question. I don’t know if I chose explosives or explosives chose me. I started working in the army and explosives are a common tool that many people think is exciting to use. I chose to keep working with explosives because I got to see what happens when bad people use them. Explosives are always on the news and always for the wrong reasons. When I work with explosives, I try to find how to make them safer for people to use and find better ways for use to detect the wrong people using them.

    TNT stands for Tri Nitro Toluene. That’s the name of the chemical. Thats a very common high power explosive. There are many explosives that use 3 or 4 letters to descibe them. People must find it easier to remember.

    Have you ever watched an explosion?