Question: do you do coding on mac or pc?

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  1. The computers I use could be thought of as PCs but we do not use Windows. Instead, we use an operating system called Linux (it has some things in common with Mac OS-X).
    When I say you could think of them as PCs, my direct work machine is a PC with 12 “cores” (that means effectively 12 separate computers in the one) and two large screens. But if I want to do some “heavy lifting” I can (without even leaving my desk) have it run on much more powerful computers with over 100 cores; it still has what we call PC architecture and the same operating system. And some of the computers we use are even more powerful than that.
    PC architecture means the way the actual calculation part of the computer “talks” to it memory, display, keyboard etc is the same as for a “normal” PC