Question: How can we improve the air and not have as much gas in the air from cars

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  1. Thanks @coolgirl22. Thats an important question that people living in cities try to solve. There’s nothing worse than stepping outside for fresh air an getting a lung full of car fumes.

    There are many ways we can improve air quality and in areas where many people live, dealing with car pollution is one of the best ways to go about it.

    Engineers are always trying to design cars that use less fuel, so the less fuel you use, the less car pollution is made. This also means building cars that use cleaner fuels like hydrogen that makes water when it burns, or electricity which shifts the pollution from the car on the road to a electricity power plant.

    About 40 years ago, countries like the US and Australia made it compulsary to fit a special chemistry reaciton to every car. It is called a Catalytic Converter which is fitted to the exhaust of your car. As the engine makes bad gases the converter changes these into less toxic gases.

    There are other creative ways to improve air quality like trying to control how often people can drive their car. Before the Beijing Olympics in 2008, it was decided that people could only drive every 2nd day, depending on the number of their licence plates. Beijing is known for having terrible air quality this idea greatly improved the air quality for the Olympics. Unfortunately, this was only temporary but many other cities and communities have trialed this as a way to improve air quality.

    What would you do to improve Australia’s air quality?