Question: If the earth didn't have gravity what would life be like?

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  1. I don’t think there could be life without gravity. We need a surface on which to live and grow — even the simplest organisms need a place where chemical reactions can occur. Of course, we can travel to space where there is very low gravity, but life certainly would have a very hard time starting there!


  2. @thunderstruck49: I think @Kyler’s nailed it.

    I don’t life could exist on Earth without gravity – there would be nothing to hold the rocks and metals that make up our earthy surface, nothing to hold the water down, nothing to hold us down – I don’t think life as we know it could exist as a bunch of floaty things (because without ANY gravity, we wouldn’t even be floating around in the air around the planet – we’d just not be here…)


  3. “Interesting” in the worst possible way. For a start it is gravity that keeps the air we breath attached to the planet. And us too – without gravity the spinning Earth would throw us off at great speed. But then of course, we would not have a Sun. It is gravity that keeps the gasses that make up the Sun together, and gravity that keeps the Earth in its orbit around it.


  4. Pretty miserable I’d say.