Question: @Mia Cobb Have u ever killed a dog in the process of any of your experiments?

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  1. @paradox: None of my experiments have resulted in any animals being killed. Most of my work is observing things and making changes to the environment or the way people do things around animals and then measuring how the animals react. Because I study animal welfare and stress, it’s really important that the way I test them doesn’t stress them out, otherwise I won’t be measuring the question I’m trying to answer, I’d be measuring the impact of me measuring them! This is called low-impact testing.

    Sadly, when I worked at RSPCA in the animal shelter, I did have to assist in the euthanasia (killing) of animals that weren’t being rehomed. Although this was done humanely (by lethal injection, just like your local vet would put an animal to sleep) It was very sad and upsetting work. A lot of workers in that field get emotionally drained and depressed and that has been called compassion fatigue by psychologists.