Question: What is the most difficult thing you had to do ever?

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  1. Probably learn/understand certain theories or principles related to chemistry, physics and maths.


  2. @baileymymie8: Wow. Ever? Ever ever?

    Physically: Trekking up some big mountains in Nepal was hard. Turns out I don’t really like climbing up for hours on end, but thanks to patient encouragement of my now-husband, I did it. Oh, and childbirth, I guess.

    Mentally: I think my PhD that I’ve been doing part time is starting to rank, but it’s also a passion and FUN, so I never think of it as difficult. Just ongoing! A bit of a marathon of the mind and persistence.

    Emotionally: Working in a shelter environment and seeing a lot of the negative ways people can relate to animals was hard for me. I found it a very emotionally taxing place to work and I really admire the people who work there for decades.


  3. When I was at high school, I had to learn Latin. I have tried to learn other languages (German, because my wife can speak it, and Dutch because I lived there for a year and a half). I am not very good at languages (apart from computer languages).


  4. Good question! I’ve run several marathons (42km) and those were very challenging physically and mentally. But spending more than seven years in postgraduate school to earn my Ph.D. was tougher on me. Raising my daughter is quite a challenge sometimes, but that is more rewarding than anything else!