Question: What's medicine made out of?


  1. Hey @berries45, was great chatting today, still wishing I’d gone to the Planetarium as well 🙁

    Medicine is made out of chemicals. Just chemicals, but sometimes very complicated chemicals. Sometimes chemicals that are made by scientists and sometime chemicals that we find in plants and animals that we can copy. Plants and animals are very clever at building their own chemicals to solve the problems in their lives.

    Chemicals that go into medicine must be as safe as possible so a lot of work (sometimes peoples whole career) must spend designing safe chemicals to sell as medicine.


  2. @berries45: Hello again! It depends on what kind of medicine it is. Different medicines are made up from different chemicals (like Mick says). They all work differently to help (well, mostly help) our bodies. For example, the medicine you would take to make a sprained ankle feel better would be different to a medicine you would take to help your blood clot faster.

    Some medicines are topical (a cream that we apply to our skin that works on a smaller part of our body); others are systemic (usually we swallow a tablet or drink a liquid) and they work all around our body). You CAN get topical medications that are systemic too though! Can you think of one? 🙂


  3. Actually, sometimes quite simple chemicals. I have seen models of things that affect our bodies in various ways like aspirin, morphein and sarin, and they are relatively simple. And carbon monoxide, which can kill you, is even simpler than water.


  4. Nothing I can really add. These guys have covered it well. There are many scientists around the world working in this area to develop new medicines or better ways of making them. Medical breakthroughs are some the most important scientifc contributions and have helped extend how long people live.