Question: are narwhals an actual real animal and if they are they related to unicorns

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  1. Yes, the tend to live in very cold waters near the North Pole. They have one quite long “horn” and a little stub where the other one should be. If you google for it you should be able to find a picture.
    They are not related to unicorns (there is no evidence unicorns exist or ever existed) except that both are mammals.


  2. @bbnrl99: Yes! Narwhals are really real animals – I love them! No, sadly, they’re not related to unicorns.

    They are a toothed whale, like the beluga whale (who don’t have a tusk). The are found around the Arctic near Greenland and Canada. They feed on fish and the tusk is actually an elongated upper left canine tooth (!). They don’t often use the tusk for fighting, but it seems to be some kind of nerve-filled sensory organ.

    Have you ever seen video of a real live one? See here:


  3. I think they are a cross between a unicorn and a dugong aren’t they @Mia?


  4. Narwhals remind me of unicorns too. Crazily enough, narwhals are real, but unfortunately unicorns are not. Scientists find new species fairly regularly, but mostly they are bugs or very small things we wouldn’t normally notice. Anything as big as a horse we’d probably know about by now (unless it lives at the bottom of the ocean — we’re just beginning to explore there).



  1. @DJ: cousins to the pegasus, fo shiz


  2. To be fair, some Europeans in medieval times believed narwhal tusks to be horns from the unicorns. The vikings traded them for more than their weight’s worth in gold! 🙂