Question: Do any of you do any jobs besides being a scientist?


  1. @misseden: Does being a Mum count?! My little girl turns 3 next week 🙂

    The work I do as Director for the Working Dog Alliance has lots of event planning and coordinating (media and sponsorships and marketing) parts to it – not much science at the moment.

    In the past, I’ve been a waitress, taught as an emergency teacher at a school in Denmark and mucked out stables!



  2. I have lots of interests outside of my work, but it is the only thing that pays me.


  3. I think it counts @Mia. I don’t have any other paid jobs but I’m a Dad, and have jobs around the house, like picking up dog poop.


  4. Hey @misseden, I’m not a mum or a dad so my life is much easier (for now :))

    Right now, my entrire life is research, which sounds boring, but isn’t at all. I have a few little hobbies that keep me busy and help me refresh my mind.

    My profile has all the other jobs that I’ve done in the past (that I can remember) but the only other things that I spend my time on at the moment include helping science teachers at a school near where I live, talking to students about what happens in science and how it can always be fun (like Im A Scientist!!!), rebuilding half of my house, and training and being entertained by my pups.

    Thats enough craziness for now. 🙂