Question: how hard is it to break a firewall

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  1. If the firewall is not set up properly, very easy. Harder if it is set up properly. Then what you would do is try to get someone on the inside to download a little program (they would not know they were doing it) which can then sneak information out from the inside – usually an easier task. In fact there are lots of ways of sneaking information out past a firewall.
    I think from your questions you would understand what binary number are. Imaging someone is emailing a document and every letter “l” in it is changes to a digit “1” for a 1 and left as it is for a 0. If there are 100 letter ls in the document, that is 100 bits of information that no firewall would be clever enough to pick up. In the computer security world that is called a “covert channel” of information.