Question: Is your tongue the strongest muscle in your body?

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  1. Not sure on that one (but I reckon it’s the strongest muscle in my wife’s body).


  2. Check out where it says:
    There is no one answer for this question since there are different ways to measure strength. There is absolute strength (maximum force), dynamic strength (repeated motions), elastic strength (exert force quickly), and strength endurance (withstand fatigue).


  3. @stitch22: It’s one of the versatile muscles, but not the strongest!

    Check out:

    LOL @ DJ


  4. I had heard that butt muscles are actually the strongest muscles in the human body, but that may be just because they are among the largest. I also think the heart deserves some credit, because it works constantly your entire life, and (if it’s healthy) it never gets tired!



  1. very nice dj you know iam a kid ritt