Question: Thomas Edison said '1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.' What's your mix?

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  1. Hi misseden – was great talking to you this afternoon, and I am glad you mave not blown yourself up yet.

    I must be very lucky – perhaps because I am a bit lazy, I wait for inspiration a lot more than that. But you still have to work once the inspiration comes. So maybe 20% insp and 80% persp.


  2. @misseden: Interesting question!

    I think I’m probably 15% inspiration / 85% perspiration. With problem solving, I do a lot of jumping around thinking that inspires me and then grunt work to back up those ideas.

    What’s about you? What’s your mix?


  3. I’m 15% inspiration, 10% consternation, 10% procrastination, 20% exasperation, 15% organisation, 20% inclination, 5% anticipation and 5% perspiration. Is that 100%?


  4. By amount of time, inspiration is less than 1%, I would say. I might have a sudden creative idea that comes to me in the span of a few seconds, but figuring out if (or how) it would work takes lots and lots of perspiration — hours and hours, if not days or weeks, of work to determine all the details!


  5. Ha, great question. 99% perspiration to me sounds like Edison hadn’t learn to work ‘smart’, just hard.

    Anyway, my experience is that theres a 0% inspiration (don’t need any myself), 50% perspiration, 25%luck and 25%preparation.

    Simple as that. There’s lots of procrastination like @DJ mentioned, but I cant count that in the mix 🙂 because theres nothing happening at the time.



  1. I’m just 99.999999999999% inspiration. Probably the other bit is incentive…