Question: Were dinosaurs warm-blooded?

  1. The latest theories say they probably were Their closest living relatives are chickens, not lizards, and chickens are not cold blooded.
    Do you realize that what we mean when we say “warm bl0oded” is that they can regulate their internal body temperature, like we do. “Cold blooded” animals cannot, the rely on the sun and shade to regulate it for them.


  2. @kodeman: This was in the news just a couple of weeks ago! 🙂 It’s still being debated!

    We used to think they were cold-blooded (ectothermic, meaning they get their heat by absorbing it from their environment) but a new scientific argument suggests they wouldn’t have been able to develop the amount of muscle they had unless they were warm-blooded (endothermic, like us – able to generate their own warmth).