Question: What is your favourite and least favourite part about our galaxy?

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  1. Favourite part: Milky Way
    Least fave part: that I can’t really comprehend the enormity of it all


  2. Hey @abc123,

    I love the huge interstellar gas clouds called ‘nebulae’. They looks great from photos taken by the Hubble space telescope. They appear so colourful and like nothing we see here on Earth. They’re also such busy star factories with so much great science happening inside.

    My least favourite thing is that everything is too far away for me to ever visit!

    What about you? What are your best and worst????



  1. my favourite part about space is how you can see the the stars from earth and how if you join them together you can make contillations. Sometimes I go out at night and make up my own constillations.

    My least favourite part about space is the same answer as yours. You can’t see everything from earth.