Question: What is your thought of after life?

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  1. @mrbacon: Hello! I’ve had two family friends who had cardiac arrests (their hearts stopped beating) and were then resuscitated and they both reported there was nothing. It all just stopped.

    So I believe that there’s no after life. We live and when we die, it’s over. If something else awaits me after death, I look forward to being proven wrong!

    We’ve got this life – best make it count!


  2. Good question. I believe in an afterlife, but there is pretty much no scientific evidence for that belief directly. I believe in it primarily because I trust other claims related to my religion (Christianity, specifically) that are more verifiable. So belief in an afterlife is “along for the ride”, so to speak, and if someone doesn’t share my other beliefs then I would say there is no particularly good reason for them to think there is an afterlife.

    But in any case, whether or not there is an afterlife, I agree with Mia’s statement: this life is incredibly important in its own right, so make the most of it!


  3. Like Kyler, I tend to think it doesn’t all stop when your body dies. It would seem a bit of a waste.
    Many people whose hearts have stopped have reported seeing something. I don’t think that proves anything for sure, and when I die I don’t expect to be coming back to tell you.


  4. I don’t think there is anything going on, like Mia said. My atoms will eventually be reused by something else but that doesn’t mean I will come back as that “thing”.