Question: why don't we all live for the same amount of time if you die by old age

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  1. Because we’re not all the same!

    Our bodies are formed of different genetic codes that give us different physical strengths and weaknesses (or higher/lower chances of getting some diseases, etc.).

    Our experiences growing up (nutrition, air/water quality, fitness, etc.) have given our bodies different experiences to develop that genetic code.

    Our life choices and environment as adults (drinking alcohol, smoking, living in cities, etc.) can also impact on those genetics and trigger or speed up aging processes.

    We’re all different because of these variations and so, we age differently and our bodies decay (age) and expire (die) at different rates.


  2. I’ll go with Mia on this one. “Old age” is not, I think a recognised disease – you have to actually die of something – kidney failure, heart failure, or whatever. And there is a lot of chance involved.


  3. Can’t add anything more. Everyone is different in many ways, including when we die. How we lived our life will be a determining factor.