Question: why did you deside to work for the army

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  1. Hi @bates,

    I loved doing things outside, like playing sports, cycling, going camping and trying crazy new things like rock climbing and abseiling. I also liked to be mentally challenged and working with other people. I already had a sciency way of thinking at school (sounds like you do too) and so was looking for the best way to do eveything in one job.

    I actually joined army first to fly helicopters, but after a while I decided I could do more interesting stuff that involved chemistry that not many other people could do. Thats why 🙂 I’m super happy I did and if I had another chance to start again, I would do it exactly the same way.

    I had a couple of friends who wanted to join NASA when they were in high school. They became aerospace engineers with the airforce and are hoping to transfer to NASA when they have more experience.



  1. thanks for answering