Question: Can dogs/animals smell water

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  1. Strictly, clean water has no odour, but animals can smell the things that go with it – even humans can a little, and most animals have a better sense of smell than humans. Thinks like trampled grass near the edge of a river.


  2. Hi @baileymymie8.

    Land animals cannot smell water because its everywhere. If we could smell it, it would be the only thing would smell. @peter is right, animals smell things that go with water which help them see if its healthy to drink or not, or worth walking hundreds of kilometres to get to. You are the same sometimes. Have you ever been near a beach but not close enough to see? If so, I bet you could smell the saltiness and seaweed and maybe the sunscreen and icecream 🙂
    Also, just after its rains in summer, there can be a dusty smell in the air.

    Our noses are not as sensitive as dogs, can you imagine the sort of things they could smell to do with water??


  3. Yep, I reckon they can find it pretty well – @Peter gave good reasons!