Question: Do you think that human intelligence will decrease in the next few years?

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  1. While it is true less intelligent people tend to have larger families, which would tend (since intelligence is at least in part inherited) to lower the average intelligence, our society does value more intelligent people, which is reflected in better housing and food and a better lifestyle for their children.
    However, better food and education for everyone is probably the major factor causing growth in the average population intelligence.


  2. The average of the distribution of human intelligence may shift a little bit, but there will always be people at the extremes. This is not something that I particularly worry about, especially since education is increasing (especially for women and girls!) in a lot of places where it has not been focused on previously.


  3. @thepaleone: I don’t think it will change in the “next few years” – it might change in the next few generations (say over 75+ years) – what do you think?


  4. Some people say that with the invention of computers and iPhones that we will become less intelligent because we have these things to give us all the information we need. I think the opposite, all these machines are giving us more and more information and we have to figure out how to use them without becoming overloaded.

    I the long term, we should only get smarter.
    What you do you think?