Question: how do heatwaves efect people?

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  1. @terry123, the simple answer is yes!

    The longer answer is that humans are happy living in a small temperature range (about 15-25 degrees) because your body don’t have to work too hard to lose heat.

    Outside these temperatures, your body needs to shiver to stay warm or sweat to cool down. Some cultures are better at living in different climates because their bodies acclimatise, which means get used to the ‘normal’ weather whatever that may be. Thats why some people are fine living in the snow for 6 months of the year but I wouldn’t be.

    Most healthy people don’t have a problem doing these things, but very young children, old people or sick people can be at risk of being affected by heatwaves. That’s why its important to look after these people during long times of really hot weather.

    Do heat waves affect you???