Question: How do you make big explosions and videos

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  1. If you’re asking me how I can make a video of a big explosion then its a tricky one to answer.

    You need to have done a lot of maths before the explosion happens so you can guess how the bomb will go off. You want to know the shape and size of the blast. Which will also help you choose the type of camera and where it needs to be.

    Most of the time when videos are made they use special cameras that can give you information like the speed of explosion. For very large explosions, you also need to add things into the picture that help with this information. If you’ve found videos of nuclear explosions on Youtube, sometimes you see they fire lots of small rockets into the air first that make smoke tails. When the big blast happens you can see what the blast does to these tails.

    Videoing an explosion is a very difficult thing to do well. It something you only get one go at 🙂