Question: How many dogs do you own and how much does it cost a year to take care of them all?

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  1. @abc123: Hi! I have two dogs and one cat in my home all the time, and my Mum’s dog also comes to visit us sometimes when she is away. My dogs are both large dogs. I don’t actually know exactly how much we spend on them, between food, treat, vaccinations, parasite (flea, heartworm, intestinal worming) control, vet visits, medication (my dogs are both getting old now and one has a heart murmur that needs medication), collars, leads, council registration, dog beds, toys, etc. etc. it would probably be quite a bit! I guess because we consider them family members, I haven’t costed them out separately from our other everyday household expenses (in the same way I couldn’t tell you how much it costs to have my nearly 3yr old daughter!).

    The Australian Veterinary Association reckons most owners spend around $25,000 on a dog over its lifetime. That’d be around $40/week (on average) for a dog that lives to be 12 years old. RSPCA says it’s more like $13,000 (or $20/week), so it’s probably somewhere in between depending on the size of the dog and quality of food, etc. that you give it.



  1. My two medium size dogs aren’t too expensive. But $13,000! wow. I’ve never added up the money before. I have one dog that likes visiting the vet so she’s always getting herself into trouble. I guess they should be expensive, they’re more than just a pair or shoes or a picture hanging on the wall. Although, I imagine they’re much cheaper than children 🙂

    If you’re concerned about being environmentally friendly, I’ve heard having a big dog is the same for the environment as owning 2 four wheel drives! If that’s the case, I better start planting some more trees!


  2. Thanks a lot I didn’t know that. Thanks 🙂