Question: is it possible to live in space

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  1. Yes, and people have lived in the International Space Station (see for lengthy periods. However, all food, water, and even air has to be sent up from Earth, which is very expensive (once there, some can be recycled, particularly by using sunlight to grow plants, providing both food and oxygen)
    If a person stays in space too long, they lose strength in their bones and muscles because of the lack of gravity. They will need physiotherapy to regain it when they return to Earth.


  2. @jacques: Yes, but only with a lot of support! As Peter said, places like the ISS have been set up so people can live in space. Without such a special place to live, there wouldn’t be any air to breathe, water to drink or food to eat and we wouldn’t be able to live there.

    If you haven’t already heard about Chris Hadfield, you should take a look on YouTube or Google him. He is a Canadian astronaut who went into the ISS earlier this year and did a whole lot of really great experiments while he was up there. I think you’d really like them – here’s one to get you started: