Question: Is it possible to time travel or stop your self from Growing up?

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  1. We all time travel – every second that passes, we move one second into the future. Can we change that – science says no, although our brains can play tricks on how we see it (why does a day’s holiday seem so short and the wait for the bell at then end of the school day seem so long?).
    I have a favourite poet who said something like “You can’t stop growing old, but you don’t have to grow up” This can mean that you can keep a young attitude to life (a good thing), or it can mean that even though you grow old you still make the same silly mistakes (a bad thing).
    So you can’t stop yourself from growing old (except by dying) and I hope you will not stop yourself from growing up (meaning learning from the things that happen to you).


  2. @moonbeta: I like your profile picture 🙂

    I think Peter has pipped me at the post here – growing up doesn’t mean you have to let go of thinking freely or being fun – you might get taller, but (as a tall person I can say) even that has perks (you can find people easily in a crowd!).



  3. I actually wouldn’t want to time travel, nor would I want to stop growing up — I enjoy being where (and when) I am! Which is fortunate, because according to the laws of physics, there is no way to travel through time other than going forward one second every second. Any way “around” this restriction is purely science fiction, and it makes for good, fun storytelling, but is almost certainly not going to happen in real life.