Question: What causes fetishes?


  1. A fetish can mean several things. It can just mean that you really like something, which is not necessarily a bad thing (unless it is something bad for you like smoking cigarettes) or it can mean you have a psychological disorder (something wrong with your mind).
    The original meaning of the word was an object of magic, like an idol.
    Some people thinks that eating a certain meal or wearing a special shirt will bring them luck. This is silly but harmless.
    A much worse case is obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) where the person thinks that something really bad will happen unless .. Perhaps they have to wash their hands 100 times (and if they lose count, they have to start over again), or always walk through rooms in a certain order. This can really cause them problems, but doctors are able to help.


  2. @thepaleone: Peter’s given you a great answer to this – not much more to add!