Question: what chemicals do you think are in those chemical bombs they are throwing around in Syria?


  1. Good question @reggie13. It’s always important to try and find out whats happening around you all the time, instead of waiting for people to start talking about it.

    The exact chemical being used in Syria is still a secret for the moment but we know a lot about the type of chemical that causes the type of injuries that are being shown on the news at the moment. The thousands of people being hurt are showing symptoms of ‘nerve agent’ poisoning. Very small amounts of these chemicals can do horrible things to people.

    We know Syria has been making and storing special bombs will all sorts of chemical weapons for a long time. They live in an area where many countries seem ready to do horrible things to each other. Now it seems they want to hurt the people in their own country.

    What do you think about what is happening. What would you do if you were the Prime Minister of Australia or the President of the USA?? Tough question.