Question: what is the best way to kill a fly?

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  1. Any way you can. They feed by “sicking up” their stomach contents onto their food, letting it dissolve the food, and then sucking it back up. In the process, they leave disease-causing bacteria all over it.
    My favourite way is the little gun that shoots a little “fly-swat” at the fly. If you use insecticides (fly spray) you have to be careful near food. When I was young we used to hang sticky “fly paper” up; when they landed on it, they were held fast and eventually died – perhaps that is mean, even to a fly!


  2. Flies can change course in as little as 30 thousandths of a second. That’s way fast.

    A successful fly swat smackdown is the best for a swift death to the fly and won’t require any chemicals, but a test of your skill – are you up to it?


    I reckon @Mick might have some good ideas!


  3. @tyler13, I think @mia’s suggesting I might have some horrible chemical ways of killing a fly which doesn’t make me sound very good does it???? Well… she’s probably right 😉

    However, a good fly swat is probably the best way. And depending on where you live its a good way to keep fit! 🙂 There is a little magic to it though. When you slow down the video of them taking off, they fly up and backwards. So if you try to catch them by swinging your hand or a swat from above and behind the direction they’re facing, you have a better chance or squishing or catching them.

    Don’t say science never gave the world any useful ideas 😉


  4. With a spider.