Question: what is the most common thing that fries computer chips?

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  1. Static electricity – the stuff that makes your hair stand on end when you comb it on a hot day. Chips are relatively safe while they are in the circuit board and earthed through the computer, but technicians wear a special strap of conductive material clopped to the computer chassis (or to a connection on a special anti-static work-bench) when they are taking a computer apart.
    Another common problem is coffee or soft-drinks spilled into the keyboard of over the circuit board.
    I once fried a computer power supply by working on it wearing a watch with a metal strap.
    Another common thing is a fan failing, so the computer overheats. Some computers have a special temperature sensor and will shut down before damage is done.



  1. Interesting, That mush be why the teachers teach us not to eat and drink around the school laptops. Thank you Peter.