Question: What is your star sign¿

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  1. I am Pisces – slightly introverted and a little “off the planet.”
    Fortunately, I don’t believe in astrology – the is no way the position of the Sun relative to the stars can affect your life – so it doesn’t affect me much.
    However (as I said in another answer) your star sign is determined by the time of year you were born, and in earlier times (before refrigeration and good nutrition like we have) that would affect the health of the mother and so the health of the baby. Babies born in the spring (where the mother would get little fresh food during winter, and probably not enough food overall) were more likely to be sickly, less intelligent, and live shorter lives than babies born nearer the start of winter.


  2. Hey @louiepop, hope you had fun with you bring your dad to school day.

    My star sign is Taurus and I think you told me that I’m in the 2nd highest house which I still dont understand completely. I’ll think you’ll have to teach me how it works.

    Sometimes people ask me what my star sign is and when I tell them they say ‘ahhhh, well that makes sense then’. I dont know if thats a good thing or not. Now I just say I lost my star sign. I like all the stars too much.


  3. @louiepop: I’m on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn (Dec 21), but much more a Sag (than Cap) in terms of ‘typical’ character traits.

    You were a Leo, right?



  4. I find the Chinese zodiac more interesting than the western one, but I don’t believe either of them are truly significant to my life. But as a matter of personal preference, I like that I am a Dragon — I was born in 1976!



  1. @Mia I am a Sagittarius Capricorn cusp 21st December same as you!!!