Question: Why are people so obsessed with being perfect?


  1. I’m not!



  2. Neither am I – but the question is still valid.
    Essentially, we need the support of other people to survive because humans are communal animals (more like dogs or lions, say, than solitary animals like polar bears), and we somehow feel that other people will accept us more if we live up to some communal “ideal” – so we want to appear to be “perfect.”
    Unfortunately, the need to “fit in” with the group can also cause us to bully people we can identify as different – perhaps they are weaker, or talk with an accent, or just behave differently.


  3. I’m dont care either.. if I did I’d have a hard time 😉

    As @peter said, in humans and other animals it can be all about fitting in, or even more confusingly, standing out so so you fit it… make sense? I’m confusing myself. 🙂

    In some animals, looking perfect can be a good way to find a mate or partner. The Satin Bowerbird tries to collect the most number of blue things and puts them on display for everyone to see. Imagine if it were so easy for us??? In many birds, it can be the number or songs you can remember or how long you can sing for.

    It’s always good to try to be good at something, but that very different from trying to perfect. Its better to be good at lots of things than perfect at one.


  4. It could be a number of reasons. For example, some people have a lot of pride in what they do and want to do it the best they can, which means trying to do things perfectly. Other people might be insecure with who they are so try to be perfect to make themselves feel better. I’m sure there are other reasons, and it comes down to the way people think and feel, and we’re all different so will place importance on different things.