Question: Why are some women more attractive then others?

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  1. There is a saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – for example The Kalahari Bushmen think fat around the hips and buttocks is beautiful (it means the women can survive longer without food) where we mostly think it is ugly.
    In fact many of the things we find beautiful are learned – we tend to like women to appear very thin and “waif-like;” Even in my life-time, women with a fuller figure were considered more beautiful.
    There is also some very complex chemistry based on smell and taste; recent studies show that people select a partner with an immune system that is as different from their own as possible, because that gives their children a better immune system. Smelling someone’s hair or kissing can give clues about the partner’s immune system.


  2. @thepaleone: Because they’re smart and sassy while the others are dull and boring?!

    The psychology of physical attractiveness (because I’m assuming your question is actually about looks?) is really interesting. Humans are hard-wired to like symmetry (both sides being as even as possible) and there are also measurements (like distance between eyes, or wait-hip ratio, length of hair) considered more attractive. Humans tend to prefer baby-like features (like big eyes) – this happens in animals too – it’s why we adore puppies and kittens (and babies!).

    However, even with these ‘laws of attractiveness’, there’s a lot of variation in what people find attractive. As Peter said, there are other factors at play outside of physical appearance. Smell, the way someone moves and various social effects (like a crazy laugh, or how kind someone is) all come into play. What you think is attractive might be the least attractive person to me and that’s OK – there’s someone for everyone!

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  3. @peters right again!

    Beauty depends on your opinion only. TV and other people may always try to suggest to you who is beautiful and who isnt, or what makes someone beautiful.

    There’s also a little research that suggests that a man is more likely to find a woman attractive if she looked like his mother at a younger age, and visa vesa for woman looking at men. Made me feel a little strange to read that 🙂 Hope you’re OK with it 😉


  4. Great answers from the others so nothing I can add.