Question: why did they call the colure blue, blue

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  1. Surveys show that blue is the colour most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, and confidence. (Politicians favour blue ties!) – I can find that the modern word blue is linked to old French and German words way back in the Dark Ages – it seems we’ve been descirbing things as blue for a longggggggggggg time.


  2. @adelle11 asked a very similar question about the colour green. There is a technical answer: light vibrates; slow vibrations we perceive as heat, slightly faster and it activates certain parts of our eye called “cones” – there are cones for each of red, green and blue light; the slowest vibration we see as light is red, and the fastest is violet (then there is ultra-violet, x-rays, and it goes on faster and faster) Blue light is a little slower vibrating that violet.
    The answer about why be call it “blue” rather than “finkle” or some other sound is that it comes from the old Germanic word blaewaz (strangely, the same word also gave us yellow and gray). The study of how words came to be is called “etymology” – but ultimately words are just an invented label.


  3. I find it very interesting that we don’t know if the colours we see are the same as anyone elses.

    One thing we do know is that colour is all about how light behaves with chemicals. Light is full of different energies and different energies can sometimes be seen by our eyes as different colours. As @peter said. blue is a higher energy colour that red. Sometimes, chemicals absorb all energies of one colour but sends back all the the light of a different colour. Whatever colour is sent back is what falls on our eyes. So we will experience that energy colour as whatever colour you want to call it