Question: Why do I feel the need to shake my leg whilst i am sitting, is it nerves??


  1. It can just mean you are bored and wish you were somewhere else, but it can also be a recognised medical problem.
    It is called restless leg syndrome; it does not actually do any harm, but can be quite annoying. It is more common in people with diabetes (but I have a mild case, and I am not diabetic), and worse in warmer weather. There is medication that can help (a bit – I have not tried it but know people who have).
    I would suggest that next time you visit your doctor you tell him/her about it.


  2. Hi, I cant comment on any medical issues that might be causing it.

    It is known that different people use different amounts of energy when they are just living their normal life. Some people can use 2 or 3 times the amount of energy as other people. Some people (like you) shake your leg and other people may bounce from side to side while others can sit perfectly still. One isn’t better than the other, its just a way humans are different.


  3. I had this when I was pregnant (apparently, quite common during pregnancy)! Restless leg syndrome as Peter said and I agree with his response to your question.

    Check out wikipedia: