Question: are elephants scared of mice or rats and if so why

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  1. @iluvcricket: Hello! One of my favourite episodes of mythbusters looked at this very story – and they (surprisingly!) found it to be plausible:

    Other research has suggested that elephants actively avoid ants. It might just be that they are wary of anything novel (new) in their environment. We need more research to know for sure – maybe you could be the scientist to who works it out?



  2. One idea I heard was that they were not scared Of them, but scared of stepping on them.


  3. As @mia saw on Mythbusters, Elephants are actually scared of mice. You can train an Elephant to be more relaxed around them but its something that many people in different cultures have seen before.

    I thing all the cultures seem to agree on is that they dont know why, so they have cultural stories which help explain why Mr Elephant is scared of Mr Mouse.

    I think Elephants are just really ticklish and mice tickle a lot when they run all over you. 🙂