Question: do dogs sweat?

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  1. @polkdot: Neat question, thanks! Dogs regulate their body temperature a bit differently to us humans. Dogs don’t have sweat glands all over their body like us, the sweat glands they have are located around their foot pads. So they can sweat, but they don’t do it much.

    Instead, dogs rely on a different way to cool off – and it’s one you’ve seen… can you think what it is?

    Dogs rely on panting with their mouths open to cool down. This allows the moisture on their tongue to evaporate, and the heavy breathing also allows the moist lining of their lungs to serve as a surface from which moisture can evaporate. In this way the dog can significantly cool their body temperature.

    Another mechanism that dogs use to try to cool off in involves dilating or expanding blood vessels in their face and ears.