Question: how do people trick peoples minds? and how do people hypnatise?

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  1. I am fascinated by optical illusions – there are some great ones. One I specially like is when you look at a spinning spiral and then look at someone and their head shrinks.
    I also like still pictures that make your eyes do funny things – you can find some on
    Illusionist trick people by directing their attention to one thing while changing something else.
    Hypnotism only works if you let it, but once hypnotized, you can be made to believe almost anything. You go into a state rather like meditation.


  2. If by someone you mean a ‘chicken’ then yes. It really works. 🙂

    There are many people who believe it is possible to be hypnotised as a useful way of ‘looking inside someones mind’. But as @peter says, you need to want to be hypnotised for it to work. Hypnosis can sometimes be confused with high level meditation which is usually about looking within your mind and sounds like lots of concentration is required.

    You’ve probably also seen the magician type hypnotists on TV that claim they can hypnotise people and then the hypnotised person will do whatever they are told to do, and they start acting lke chickens and other crazy stuff. This type of hypnotism is a little more ‘entertainment’ than reality.


  3. Perception plays a great role in how our minds can be tricked. Have you heard about the moon illusion? Watch this!