Question: How do your jobs help the world?


  1. My job might help the world because I’m using my training as a scientist to ‘detect’ things that people feel the need to find. At the moment its explosives and we all know why those need detecting.

    But by helping the world, I only contribute a small component to the detection of explosives. These types of issues require many scientists and engineers and businessmen to achieve the same goal.


  2. @hotpies: Hello! Really enjoyed our chat session today 🙂

    My job is working to help improve the welfare (quality of life) of working dogs. Welfare and work performance are linked very closely. If we can demonstrate that improving welfare leads to improvement in work performance, the dogs will be better looked after and we will get a better level of work from them – everyone wins!

    At the moment, 50-70% of puppies bred to be working dogs don’t end up working or racing or ‘operational’ – they fail in their programs. Improving the welfare of dogs should help to improve this efficiency and reduce ‘wastage’ in the working and sporting dog industry. My work is a part of this improvement.


  3. My job helps the word of wine, which impacts on any people all over the world who either make a living from grapes and wine, or enjoy drinking it.


  4. My present job is about helping keep Australia safe from terrorists, criminals and unfriendly countries.