Question: Is it possible for someone to get special effects when hit by lightning like something kinda like super powers?

  1. @aplesauce8: I think the only thing that will happen to you is:
    – your heart might stop
    – you might get paralysed and be unable to breathe
    – your brain might not cope and you’ll have damage to it that affects you physically or cognitively (how you think/your personality)
    – you get burnt or your flesh and bones get exploded
    – you might not have any effects

    I don’t think I’d rate any of those as super powers 🙁


  2. If they survived it would be pretty remarkable and there may have been something special about them which allowed them to survive. They wouldn’t get any super powers from being hit by lightning though.



  1. You will DIE!


  2. well unless you survive you won’t know if you have super powers


  3. thx i wanted to know aswell:)


  4. woah that is amazing aplesauce is the best name except you forget a p