Question: what came first the chicken or the egg???

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  1. @franklin: Hey there – glad to see you posted this here for a more comprehensive answer after CHAT this morning.

    The answer is the EGG. Simple. Reptiles and dinosaurs were egging it up before chickens evolved.

    BUT if you mean which came first, the chicken, or the chicken egg? Then it gets a bit more complicated. But the answer is still EGG. Just.

    I like this quick YouTube clip that explains (and not just because it brings dogs into it!):


  2. The egg. Chickens are actually descendants of dinosaurs, which were laying eggs millions of years before there was anything we would recognise as a chicken



  1. Ooh! two answers posted together – lucky we are both saying just about the same 🙂


  2. SNAP! Which came first, the answer or the answer? 🙂