Question: What is the next closest relative to humans after apes? Why


  1. A simple way of looking at it would be to imagine that our closest relative animal relative is the chimpanzee, followed by the gorilla, orangutan and then the gibbon. However, explaining our evolution isn’t always about turning the page to the next animal.

    The Smithsonian Institute has a great web site that can help you picture what it all looks like
    Hopefully you can see the link.


  2. We are closely related to the entire monkey family – monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees for example. In fact the bonobo (chimpanzee) is regarded as the closest by many scientists, although others claim it is orangutans and some the African apes. After that you are looking at lemurs and shrews


  3. We share around 98.5% of our DNA with chimpanzees and around 97.5% with mice (!)

    Our closest relatives are the chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans, after this, it’s the other monkeys and lemurs.