Question: What is your favourite thing about I'm a scientist?

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  1. Hey @choclava,

    My fav thing about the Im A Scientist is that I get to learn so much. Every day I get asked soooo many questions and many are questions I’ve never thought of before which means I really want to get the answers. I’m learning more now than I think I can remember I learnt at school 😉

    Whats your fav thing about the game?


  2. I love investigating how things work, whether that is by creating new molecules with synthetic chemistry, or finding out something new about wine aroma compounds. I guess I’m driven by learning things too, just as Mick said.


  3. Kids ask some amazing questions. Lots of fun.


  4. @choclava: I’m enjoying getting to meet all of the students and loving learning what interests you about science. The questions we’ve been asked both here in ASK and also during CHAT sessions have been completely awesome!

    I like getting to share the work I’m doing and thinking about all the questions is also fun. I’m also learning heaps looking at the answers the other guys post in areas I’m not so familiar with, like chemistry, space and physics.

    I’ve also browsed over in some of the other zones and seen their Q&A areas… some great (and FUNNY!) questions over there!!!



  1. @mick I love to ask questions and find out answers.